EMC-models has been producing car models since 1986.  We are a team of like-minded people who love our work.  We have more than 400 independently created projects, creating models for the Porsche Museum, Mercedes-Benz Classic Collection and many others. Our specialization is classic cars of the XX century, which went down in the history of the automotive industry.  The major scale is 1 to 43.

The founder and permanent leader is Volodymyr Pivtorak, a man madly in love with his work, a fan of cars and motorsport, a collector of scale models.  Bugatti has honored him with the title, “the gentleman who makes the best 1 to 43 scale cars in the world and a true artist”.

The result of our hard work and many years of experience modelscars of the highest quality. Only handmade jewelry work, stunning detailing, full copy with the original vehicle.  We are not looking for compromise solutions. We are constantly working to improve quality.  From 11 to 16 highly qualified specialists, masters of their craft, take part in creating each instance of a car model.  Volodymyr Pivtorak constantly monitors all stages of model creation.  Before being sent to the buyer, the packaging of the model’s last quality control of the model’s manufacture is carried out personally by Volodymyr Pivtorak. EMC-models are recognized as some of the best in the world.  This is a pride and welcome addition to the beating collection.

Founder of the company Vladimir Pivtorak

EMC Models has been making car models since 1986. The founder of the company and its permanent leader is Vladimir Pivtorak. EMC Models is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

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